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How it works

Earning generous rate of commission by promoting City Addresses extensive rang of products and services is easy with City Addresses affiliate program. Earn a standard 10% commission on all sales with additional affiliate incentives and promotions plus even more commission for our top achievers.

City Addresses affiliate program allows you to earn commission by promoting our extensive range of products and services. Generate additional revenue from your website by displaying our banner adds and text links.

Once you've signup to our affiliate program you'll be given log in details for your own affiliate portal here you will find a library of banner adverts and text links which you can copy and paste directly into your website.

Mailbox Rental

Each time someone clicks on one of your banners we will automatically track their use of our website, should the make a purchase within 30 days you will receive generous commission starting at 10% with additional commission, promotions and incentives available.

Whether you're a seasoned affiliate professional or a complete newbie City Addresses affiliate program is quick and easy to join, easy to implement and comes with one of the most diverse product and service offerings within the affiliate marketing industry, meaning your potential customers are everyone from private individuals to multinational corporations and one in between.

For more information on our affiliate marketing program simply Contact Us and a member of our team will be only too happy to answer any questions you may have.