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Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions.

Your questions answered. Read more information about City Addresses affiliate marketing program with a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing allows you to advertise and promote our products and services online in return for your advertising and promotional activities you will received commission on each and every sale you generate.

Can anyone join the City Address affiliate program?
Whilst City Address don't have any minimum criteria which you need to meet in order to join the City Address affiliate program, the best earnings are achieved by affiliates manage website that attract relevant audiences.

Who are my target customers?
Given the diverse range of products and services on offer at City Address your target customers include students, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and students.

How do I promote City Address?
For those new to affiliate marketing the easiest way to promote City Address is to simply place the links and banners we provide on your website or blog. For the more seasoned affiliate marketers there are a number of additional methods proven to generate commission such as PPC campaigns and custom landing pages.

How much commission do I received?
As a standard City Address offer 10% commission on all sales you generate, however we do offer incentives and special promotions throughout the year. High achievers will be offered greater levels of commission.

How will I be paid?
City Address pay commission either by direct bank deposit or PayPal. Sales are tracked immediately and can be paid out 30 days later.

How are sales tracked?
City Address provide you with links and banners to place on your website. When a visitor enters our website though one of your links our system will track their use of our website and record any purchases they make. You can view the sales you generate by logging into our affiliate control panel. Our system will track sales for 30 days to ensure you don't miss out on commission. If a visitor enters our website through one of your links you will still be paid commission if they come back in 30 days time and make a purchase.

Do I earn commission on my own purchases?
Unfortunately not. City Addresses affiliate program is design for genuine affiliates only as such commission can only be earned from genuine affiliate activity.

How do I join the City Address affiliate program?
Joining City Addresses affiliate program is quick and easy. Simple click here to complete our short registration form.