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Low volume mail fulfilment


Low Volume Mail Fulfilment

Mail Fulfilment services designed especially for low volume users. Thanks to City Addresses low volume mail fulfilment services you can achieve significant savings on your mailing costs by accessing discounted prices normally reserved for high volume users.

City Address understands that each of its clients are unique with unique requirements and unique goals that's why we individually tailor our services to suit your individual requirements. Whether you've got 10,000 items or just 50 items of mail you can access heavily discounted postage prices thanks to City Addresses mail fulfilment services.

Whether you're sending a one off marketing letter or an ongoing brochure fulfilment program you'll find professional services at competitive prices at City Address.

Did you know City Address can print, fold, insert and post your mail for less than the cost of a stamp? Thanks to the shear volume of mail we send day in day out we receive generous discounts from mail companies such as Royal Mail, Business post and TNT Post, these savings are passed onto you.

Unlike the vast majority of fulfilment house we offer the same professional services to each and every client irrespective of how many items your sending, all we ask is that you send only 50 items per mail out.

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Great Savings On Low Volume Mail Fulfilment
City Addresses low volume mail fulfilment gives you great savings when sending as few as 50 items. Just take a look at the price comparison below:

  50 x Second Class Printing Envelope Posting Total
  Self Print and Post 1.50 2.50 25.00 29.00
  City Address Included Included Included 23.50

As you shown in the table above we offer great savings on even low quantities, just should also note that you can send you mail via email meaning no more trips to the post office saving you even more money and more importantly valuable time.

Free No-Obligation Consultation and Quotation.
For a free no-obligation quotation simply complete this short form and a member of our team will contact you.
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