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Alternative Post Office

Mail Franking Service

Alternative Post Office

Thanks to the shear quantity of mail sent every day from City Address branches we have secured generous discounts from Royal Mail. You can share these discounts by sending your mail at your local City Address branch from standard first and second class mail to airmail, and international recorded.

You can now send your mail including parcels and packets at your local City Address branch with discounts on standard Royal Mail prices.

Service First Class Second Class
 0-100g Letter



 0-100g Large Letter 76p 59p
 101-250g Large Letter 1.02 86p
 251-500g Large Letter 1.34 1.11
 501-750g Large Letter 1.96 1.63
 0-750g Packet 2.56 2.02
 751-1000g Packet 3.49 2.74
 1001-1250g Packet 4.87

Simply bring your
pre addresses mail to you
local City Address branch
We'll do the rest.

Collection service available
for large volumes.

 1251-1500g Packet 5.58
 1501-1750g Packet 6.38
 1751-2000g Packet 7.19
 2001-4000g Packet 9.30