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Manchester Po Box Rental Services

The Mailbox Rental (mail holding service) from City Address is a simple straight forward virtual mailing address service, as the name suggests any mail received on your behalf will be held awaiting your collection.

All mail accepted from Standard Post to Special Delivery and Courier Deliveries

The mailbox rental service from City Address is ideal for those who are able to call into branch to collect their own mail in person. Our currently client base consists of home based businesses, start up companies, freelance workers, field sales representatives and individuals looking for a secure and confidential mailbox rental service.

Business Use: Businesses of all sizes can portray a professional image with a dedicated bricks and mortar address. Unlike many of our competitors such as Royal Mail and MBE we don't use suite, unit, box or office numbers giving you a more professional image.

Individual Use: Individuals in need of a secure and confidential alternative address can achieve this with City Addresses mailbox rental services, whether you're in the middle of a move, going travelling or living in shared accommodation City Address will provide a service individually tailored to your own specific requirements.
Example Address:

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When you choose the Mailbox Rental Service (mail holding service) from City Address we will setup automatic email alerts. Each time mail is received on your behalf we will send an email to let you know you have mail awaiting collection.

Mailbox Rental Packages
Package Monthly Quarterly 6 Monthly Annually
  Personal Use
  Allows up to 4 personal names
  but no business names
13.00 37.50
(12.50 per month)
(10.41 per month)
(8.33 per month)
  Allows up to 4 personal names
  and 2 business names
13.50 38.00
(12.66 per month)
(11.50 per month)
(10.41 per month)
  Allows up to 6 personal names
  and 5 business names
15.00 42.50
(10.62 per month)
(13.33 per month)
(12.50 per month)
  Allows up to 15 personal names
  and 10 business names
30.00 80.00
(26.66 per month)
(18.33 per month)
(16.66 per month)
   Prices shown exc VAT View  Price Schedule

As you'd expect the mailbox rental services from City Address are 100% secure and confidential. All your mail is received, processed and stored in secure conditions awaiting your collection. All your personal information is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

Considering using Royal Mail Po Box? There are some significant differences between Royal Mail's Po Box services and the virtual mailing address services available from City Address. Make sure you are in the know by readying our fact sheet here.

Please note services and opening times vary between branches. Please check our locations for more details


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