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Mailbox Lite


Mailbox Lite

The team here at City Address are always listening to what our customers want. Following a number of requests City Address have introduced the new unique Mailbox Lite service designed especially for low volume users who cannot justify the cost of a standard account given their anticipated volume of mail. Since its launch City Addresses unique mailbox lite service have been greatly received with over 3,500 businesses and individuals using this service across our branches.

Mailbox Lite Exclusive to City Address

The Mailbox Lite service is similar to our standard mail forwarding service but as the name suggests it is designed especially for low volume mail users such as:

Small businesses
  Many small businesses are loosing out on the professional image achieved with a dedicated business address. If you would like to portray a more professional image by providing your customers with a dedicated street address but don't anticipate on receiving much mail then the mailbox lite option may be for you.
Legal Compliance
  Trading standards regulations make it a requirements that all websites operating for business use must give a physical address where the website owner and operator can be contacted. If you would like to ensure your business complies with these requirements without needing to divulge your home address then the mailbox lite service from City Address is for you.
Online traders
  It is a legal requirements that all websites operating for business use must have a physical address displayed. As an online trader the vast majority of your communication is going to be via email and telephone. If you would like to ensure your business complies with the relevant legislation without giving out your home address then the mailbox lite service is for you.
EBay traders
  Recent changes to EBay rules mean anyone selling as a business on EBay must display their contact address on each and every one of their listings. If you have ever had a customer turn up at your home unanounced maybe requesting a cash refund or an immediate exchange you will appreciate the additional privacy and security provided by City Addresses mailbox lite service.
Directory entries
  If you would like to tap into a whole new market by advertising your products and services in a whole new area, using City Addresses mailbox lite service will help you establish a presence in a new area in a whole new market.

All your mail will be received, stored and processed in secure conditions before being forwarded unopened to an address of your choice. You simply pay the cost of forwarding your mail plus a small handling charge of 10p (the 10p handling charge is for each time we forward mail not for each item of mail)
Example Address:

Example virtual address from City Address
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The Features of the mailbox lite service differ slightly from those of our standard mail hold or mail forwarding accounts however this is reflected in the low price of 34.99 per year. With the mailbox lite service you will be allocated a number which must be used in your address this can be used as your office, suite, flat, unit or box number. You are also restricted to receiving 34 items of mail per year, if you was to exceed this amount you will need to either convert onto a standard account or renew you mailbox lite service (which ever works out best for you)

Mailbox Lite Prices
Package Monthly Quarterly 6 Monthly Annually
  Mailbox Lite Service
  Allows up to 4 personal names
  and 1 business name
Available only on an annual basis 34.99
(8.33 per month)
  Mail Deposit
  Deposit to cover the cost of
  forwarding your mail
   Prices shown exc VAT View  Price Schedule

Considering using Royal Mail Po Box? There are some significant differences between Royal Mail's Po Box services and the virtual mailing address services available from City Address. Make sure you are in the know by readying our fact sheet here.

Please Note: The with the mailbox lite service from City Address you will be allocated a mailbox number. This must be used as part of your address. This can be your Office, Unit, Studio, or Flat number.

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